Service Charter

The Oz Group undertakes to adhere to the values mentioned in the Service Charter in order to improve its image in the clients’ eyes and to enhance their satisfaction with the variety of services provided to them.

Main Principles of the Oz Group Employees’ Service Charter

  • Management and staff consider the clients’ satisfaction to be a supreme value and will work tirelessly to ensure it.
  • We will spare no effort to understand the client’s needs and to provide a suitable response while taking special care to maintain quality and the agreed time schedule.
  • The staff undertakes to provide the company’s clients with a quick, reliable, professional, and courteous response placing emphasis on excellence of service.
  • The staff will act with utmost professionalism and will provide the clients with verified and reliable professional information.
  • The staff will aspire to provide the company’s clients with quality service and dedicated and patient personal attention.
  • The staff will be attentive to each client’s special needs, and will show empathy and understanding regarding the situation the client finds itself in.
  • The staff will work focusing on the client’s needs and expectations and will be available to the clients’ requests as much as possible.